PK Papyrus Overview

PK Papyrus is designed to deliver more like a conventional stent1,2 when treating coronary artery perforations. PK Papyrus is a single stent design with a highly elastic membrane capable of treating coronary artery perforations.3

PK Papyrus is the first FDA approved 2.5 mm diameter covered coronary stent, offering the broadest range of sizes in the US market4 to treat more patients.

  • 1. Compared to Graftmaster 2.8 /16 (BIOTRONIK data on file)
  • 2. Compared to Jostent Graftmaster 3.0/16 (BIOTRONIK data on file)
  • 3. Hernandez-Enriquez M, et al. Outcomes after use of covered stents to treat coronary artery perforations. Comparison of old and new-generation covered stents. J Interv Cardiol . 2018; 1-7
  • 4. Broader range of sizes available on the US market compared to Graftmaster